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Bubble Installation

Insulation helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature by keeping warm air in your building during the winter and conversely by keeping warm air out during the summer months. Quality Metal Roofing's Bubble Installation is a resilient, flexible unfaced blanket insulation made from inorganic fibers bonded by thermosetting resin.

Quality Metal Roofing's Bubble Installation is a single or double layer of polyethylene bubbles bounded to and sandwiched between a radiant barrier metalized foil and white polyethylene sheet. Bubble insulation is specifically designed to control heat gain or loss, and prevent interior condensation, in all types of metal and metal-clad buildings.


  • Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings
  • Post Frame / Pole Barns
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Residential Metal Roofs
  • Mini Storage
  • Livestock Confinement


  • Reflective Metalized Surface Facing
  • Multi-Layer Bubble Core
  • White Interior Facing Option
  • Practical Tab/Edge Option
  • QuickSeam (Adhesive Tape on Tab)


  • Blocks 96% of Radiant Heat Transfers
  • Prevents Interior Condensation
  • Class 1 / Class a Fire-Rated (ASTM E84-09)
  • Puncture and Tear-Resistant
  • Unaffected by Humidity
  • Will not Promote Mold and Mildew
  • Safe, Non-Toxic and Non-Carcinogenic
  • Easy to Handle and Install
  • Various Tab Options
  • UV-Resistant