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Pipe Flashings

At Quality Metal Roofing, we understand that the pipe flashings of your metal roof are an essential part to both the aesthetic and functionality of your roof. Pipe flashing is an important element of roof assembly, as different shapes and sizes of pipe flashing serve different purposes and functions for your metal roof. Whether you need flashing for pipes, vents, caps, or drains, Quality Metal Roofing is your one-stop pipe flashing shop.

Quality Metal Roofing's pipe flashings can be easily customized on the job site to the correct pipe opening diameter using the clearly marked pipe diameters on each flashing. Our pipe flashings are made out of EPDM and silicone, which are both flexible materials, resistant to ultraviolet rays, cracking, and weather. The qualified experts at Quality Metal Roofing know exactly which types of pipe flashing, trim, or guards are best for each area of your metal roof. Speak to our professional team at Quality Metal Roofing today to learn more about pipe flashing, and make the best choices for your residential or commercial metal roof.

Our Pipe Flashing Products


QM-STD-3 (.25” to 3” Capacity)
QM-STD-5 (4” to 7” Capacity)
QM-STD-7 (6” to 11” Capacity)
QM-STD-8 (7” to 13” Capacity)
QM-STD-9 (10” to 18” Capacity)

High Temperature

QM-STD-4 (3” to 6” Capacity)
QM-STD-7 (6” to 11” Capacity)