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Screw Fasteners

At Quality Metal Roofing, we understand that the screw fasteners of your metal roof are an essential part to both the aesthetic and functionality of your roof. Screw fasteners must be effectively placed for safety, as well as strategically placed for aesthetics. Screw fasteners are an important element of roof assembly, and the experts at Quality Metal Roofing can guarantee quality screw fasteners, and contribute to the longevity and durability of your metal roof. Screw fasteners from Quality Metal Roofing are the best tool to bring your metal roof together safely and cleanly. 

The qualified experts at Quality Metal Roofing know exactly which types of screw fasteners are best for each area of your metal roof. Speak to our professional team at Quality Metal Roofing today to learn more about screw fasteners, and make the best choices for your residential or commercial metal roof.

Our Screw Fasteners


Woodbinder Fasteners

For Metal to Wood Applications

QM-WBF-1.0 (9 x 1”)
QM-WBF-1.5 (9 x 1.5”)
QM-WBF-2.0 (9 x 2”)

Special Order

QM-WBF-2.5 (9 x 2.5”)
QM-WBF-3.0 (9 x 3”)


Self-Drilling Fasteners

For Metal to Metal Applications

QM-SDF-1.0 (12 x 1”)


Lap Screw Fasteners

Heavy duty lap seam screw with head sealing washers.

QM-230 (¼-14 x .75”)