Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Quality Metal Roof Manufacture & Sales Inc. (Quality Metal Roofing) products are finished with a factory backed high performance pain coating. The surface of this coating has proven resistant to many environmental elements such as air pollution, acid rain, and airborne dirt. It is designed for exterior color retention and resistance to chalking.

If the need to clean or remove deposits from your coating does arise, a variety of methods for cleaning are available. Note two precautions: (1) Do not use wire, brushes, abrasives, or cleaning tools which will mechanically abrade the surface coating, and (2) Certain cleaning agents listed below should be tested in an inconspicuous area before use on a large scale. Misuse or abuse of any cleaning agents will result in voiding warranty for affected surfaces.

Group A – Hot or Cold Detergent Solutions

A 5% solution in water of commonly used commercial (non-industrial) detergents will not have any deleterious effect on a painted surface. These solutions should be followed by an adequate rinse of clear water. Use cloth or soft bristle brush for application.

Group B – Solvents

Most organic solvents are flammable and/or toxic and must be handled accordingly. Read the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet (ASDS) on the solvent(s) used. Keep away from open flames, sparks, and electrical motors. Use adequate ventilation, protective clothing and goggles.

Solvents that may be used to remove non-water soluble deposits (tar, grease, oil, paint, graffiti, etc.) from Quality Metal Roofing product surfaces without permanent effect include:

  • Denatured alcohol (ethanol)
  • Isopropyl (rubbing alcohol)

Group C – Petroleum Solvents and Turpentine

The following petroleum-based solvents may be used on Quality Metal Roofing product surfaces without permanent effect. Testing is recommended.

  • VM&P naphtha
  • Mineral spirits
  • Kerosene
  • Turpentine (wood or gum spirits)

Group D – Aromatic and Chlorinated

The following solvents may be used on Quality Metal Roofing product surfaces with caution. Limit contact of surface with solvent to five minutes maximum. Testing is recommended.

  • Xylol (xylene)
  • Toluol (toluene)

Group E – Solvents to Avoid

The following solvents may NOT be used on Quality Metal Roofing product surfaces without causing damage. Use of these products will avoid warranty on affected surfaces.

  • Ketones
  • Esters
  • Lacquer thinner
  • Paint remover


Graffiti presents special concerns because of the many possible agents used. The most common is aerosol paint. It is best to try removal with detergents first and solvents second. If removal efforts are unsatisfactory, it may be necessary to use touch-up paint, repainting of sections, or component replacement depending on the extent of damage.

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